Shaft gasket rings

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Shaft gasket rings

Simmer ring / gufero - radial shaft gaskets are used to seal rotating shafts, most frequently in the following designs:
  • engines for crankshaft and cam shaft sealing
  • drive shafts in passenger and utility vehicles
  • drive shafts in agricultural and construction machinery
  • industrial gearboxes
  • hydro aggregates
  • washing machines
  • other possible uses in machines and devices

  • G - seals with a seal lip
  • GP - seals with a seal lip and a duster

  • Modification
  • DL - left-hand ribbing of the sealing surface
  • DP - right-hand ribbing of the sealing surface
  • V - wave outer surface treatment

  • Rubber type
  • NBR - nitrile rubber gasket
  • MVQ - silicone rubber gasket
  • FKM - fluor-caoutchouch gasket
  • ACM - acrylic gasket


Terms of reference and material characteristics

Material type
Temperature range
Nitrile rubber
From -40°C to 100° C
Oils, greases, water
Acrylate rubber
From -20°C to 130° C
Oils, greasesr
Silicone rubber
From -30°C to 160° C
Engine oils
Fluor-caoutchouch rubber
From -30°C to 160° C
Oils, greases, water
Teflon rubber
From -130° C to 200° C
Mineral oils, synthetic oils, greases

  • BA - elastomer outer case
  • UM - front-face machined sealing edge (most commonly FPM)
  • B1 - single-piece metal case
  • B2 - metal case with a reinforcing ring
  • U..X2 - front-face machined sealing edge (most commonly NBR)
  • DUO - two spring-loaded sealing edges
  • SL - PT duster - PTFE sealing edge
  • X7 - BAB grooved outer case - pressure loadable
  • FUD - in a mould produced OF sealing edge - no spring